Blog restructuring


Squarespace does not have a choice of blog templates for the theme in use. Blog page is simply a bunch of headings and text snippets that are neither distinct nor engaging.



There were multiple ways to fix the problem. However, they were too radical and time consuming. I was given a task to find a quick fix.

Create a page with a single module that contains up to 30 latest blog posts.

Hypothesis: No endless scrolling or pagination – a drawback. To implement this fix, I had to ensure that visitors are not interested in older posts.

Google Analytics was used to find how many visits did older posts receive in the past month. Earlier periods were also compared with older posts considering the general visits increase over time. The hypothesis was disproven.

Make sure visitors have access.

The blog was restructured, with posts put into 3 categories – success stories, tips & trends, announcements. That way, visitors have access to 90 latest posts, 30 on each page.

A link to the original page with all posts was placed at the and of every new page.

Field research


Find out if museum visitors think that mobile technology in museums useful and fun.


Spent 3 work days at one of the top arts museums in New England to survey regular visitors about their experiences. Those just browsing through the museums were taken as a baseline. Visitors with mobile guides and those that tried our AR app on-site were used to compare the improvement (or diminishment) of people’s engagement at the museum.